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A mental health condition known as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by people having uncontrollable, recurrent obsessions and compulsions. It is a chronic condition that leaves a person extraordinarily distressed and dysfunctional.

OCD can have a significant negative influence on your relationships and daily life if untreated. The good news is that the best treatment for OCD can help you feel less anxious. It enables you to deal with OCD without resorting to time-consuming compulsions.

What Are OCD Symptoms?

OCD can take many different forms. However, the primary symptoms and types of OCD include – 

● Having a psychological condition such as pregnancy or schizophrenia or checking things like locks, alarm systems, stoves, or light switches.

● Contamination, apprehension about potentially unclean objects, or a need to clean. You could get mental contamination if you experience being treated harshly.

● Order and symmetry, the requirement that objects be arranged in a specific manner

● Intrusive thoughts and a preoccupation with a particular idea. These ideas could include some violent or unsettling ones.

Best Treatment for OCD

Each person with OCD is different; thus, therapy should be personalized even though specific treatments generally appear to have more effect than others. Medication and cognitive-behavioural therapy are the two most widely used and efficient OCD therapies (CBT). Sometimes the best treatment for OCD comes from combining the two.

It is crucial to consider a person with OCD’s awareness of their disorder while deciding on a course of therapy. For instance, a person with good insight will recognize that their beliefs (obsessions) are likely false. 

In contrast, a person with poor understanding will likely believe their obsessive thoughts are true. People without insight will feel that their obsessions and related compulsions are unquestionably accurate and necessary. The person’s awareness level will be considered while choosing the therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 

A type of talk therapy is CBT. This type of therapy enables you to recognize and change mental and behavioural patterns that negatively influence your emotions. Exposure and response prevention (ERP) and cognitive therapy are two standard components of CBT for OCD (ERP).

You discover from cognitive therapy that unpleasant or upsetting ideas might not be as significant as you think. For instance, you could unintentionally consider hurting a friend. A therapist can assist you in realizing that just because you have this notion doesn’t indicate you want to hurt someone. You’ll also discover that having intrusive thoughts does not make you a wrong person. 

Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) 

The most crucial component of CBT for OCD patients is exposure and response prevention. It involves being exposed to concerns you have previously been fixated on repeatedly and for an extended period while receiving advice from your therapist on how to stop engaging in obsessive behaviour. Low-risk activities like riding the escalators you’ve been avoiding or rushing out of the house without checking the stove or the locks are examples of these activities.

Cognitive Therapy

Can improve techniques for preventing exposure and responses with cognitive therapy. It is your chance to examine the ideas that make you anxious. You will develop the ability to determine whether your views are reasonable by speaking with your therapist.

Sometimes the solution is as straightforward as being helped to understand why you think what makes you anxious and how it relates to reality. It’s essential to consult a qualified psychiatrist for guidance and therapy if you are experiencing OCD symptoms. At Serenity Clinic, we offer specialized programs and successful best treatment for OCD with the best OCD doctors in Delhi.

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