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“Serenity Clinic was started from a very humble beginning, where I’d render consultation or emergency services to anyone in need. I would provide an honest and nonjudgmental opinion to my clients who were mostly known people.

As the word spread, I had to keep adding more space and time to accommodate a growing number of patients/clients. Today we can proudly boast of a state of the art services for all types of mental illnesses.

We have worked conscientiously to achieve the adulation and technical advancement that we’re admired for. Our hard work and commitment to deliver have resulted in getting a wide range of positive responses from our clients.

Right from having a picturesque facility for our patients to feel comfortable while they’re waiting, to Marley (our dog) giving them company, to serving tea/ coffee or introducing Mandala art, we’ve always tried to incorporate new strategies to keep our clients stimulated and our team members motivated.

We are now venturing into incorporating various yoga techniques, EEG-based biofeedback, and the latest RTMS protocols for the betterment of our patients.”

-Dr.Anjali Nagpal

Today, at Serenity Clinic, we offer globally competent yet affordable treatment modalities for mental health problems with focus on integration of intervention that are best suited for our patients.

Treatments We Offer


The feeling of extreme sadness accompanied by loss of interest in day to day activities, depression can prove psychologically suffocating.

Anxiety Disorder

The feeling of extreme sadness accompanied by loss of interest in day to day activities, depression can prove psychologically suffocating.

Bipolar Disorder

One of the most complex psychological disorders, bipolar is characterized by a situation where the patient faces extreme mood shifts resulting in depression..


We at Serenity Clinic understand how addiction and substance abuse can disrupt the routine life of the addicted and families associated with them.


Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder is a brain disorder charactezised by difficulties in staying focused as well as being attentive.


Psychosis is a mental disorder that makes an individual incapable to differentiate the reality from the imagination. The person anguished from this mental disorder .



” She carefully listened to everything and my problems. We had a chat for about an hour and i trust her and am totally satisfied with her being my doctor. “


” She was very patient and empethetic. She made me feel very comfortable. It was a very warm meeting. I could easily open up in front of her and tell her about all my dark sides. I was nervous before the meeting but later just by talking to her i can feel lot of relief. I believe she can help me in the journey of anxiety treatment. Also she is very beautiful and yes we are from the same school which makes me trust her more.”

Vikas Jain

” Doctor listened to the problems carefully and i am feeling assured that i would be able to mangage and live life in easy way where, i won’t stuck at a point of thoughts which is of no use or has meaning to life in real sense. “

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Why Choose Us

Best Treatment

Serenity Clinic offers the best treatment in terms of dependable counseling and treatment facilities for the patients suffering from psychological disorders.

Emergency Help

Relevant and time-bound assistance regarding mental and other psychotic issues of the patients, helping them in every course of medical treatment.

Medical Staff

Trained and professional to the core, our medical staffs attend patients suffering from psychiatric, emotional or behavioral problems. They comfort patients.

Qualified Doctors

Best talent pool consisting of highly qualified psychologist specialists. Experienced in their respective field of work. Get the quality level treatment.