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The faculty is very warm and empathetic and evidently work very hard to get to the root of the problem to help one feel better. Each session leaves you more relaxed and satisfied than before. Theyre never in a rush and give you as much time as you feel you need. The clinic is beautiful and has a calm and serene vibe to it
Gurpreet Kaur
I have been coming to the clinic for fast 5 yrs.Dr. Anjali is treating the patients very nicely. Her treatment is very effective. The charges are also not very high. The clinic is equipped with all the latest medical equipment to support the patients. I wish this clinic all the best.
Vinod Pamani
It’s has been great that I visited serenity clinic for my brain health issue. I am totally satisfied with the treatment. They didn’t deal with me like a patient. They made me feel like I am family member. I wish them good luck
Vikram Samson
The staff is really kind and welcoming and whole atmosphere is soothing. Dr anjali is also great and really receptive.
Dipali Mishra
Doctor listened to the problems carefully and i am feeling assured that i would be able to mangage and live life in easy way where, i won't stuck at a point of thoughts which is of no use or has meaning to life in real sense.
Vikas Jain
She was very patient and empethetic. She made me feel very comfortable. It was a very warm meeting. I could easily open up in front her and tell her about all my dark sides. I was nervous before the meeting but later just by talking to her i can feel lot of relief. I believe she can help me in the journey of anxiety treatment.