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“Serenity clinic is a dream seen and cherished by me to create a warm, compassionate & comfortable environment for mental health problems under one roof in a cost-effective manner. ”
Dr. Anjali Nagpal

Get to know us

We have a team of empathic, skilled, virtuous, non judgemental and efficient workers who work tirelessly to bring happiness in the lives of our clients and their family, not just for a meager salary but because it’s our passion. No hierarchy is followed at our clinic and we are a big family who maintain a joyous atmosphere at all times. An open communication system is emphasized upon for team interactions and problem resolving meetings. We all discuss our dilemmas regarding diagnosis and emphasis is laid upon reaching the correct diagnosis. As a result of these, with the backing and support of the team, each clinician is empowered to choose and modify an effective treatment plan for the patient.

What do we do?

We frequently get in touch with our legal experts for our clients’ rights. We are committed to protecting the rights and dignity of all patients. We, as a team, work day and night to restore hope to each client that comes in touch with us. We encourage our team members to keep on advancing their knowledge and skills by attending conferences and workshops.

We are a team of psychologists who are encouraged to follow SOPs for each client and maintain a written record of each session and our approach is evidence-based and designed to enable recovery, relapse-prevention and self-care

A session invariably consists of first half of free association and second half of structured therapy. We work with our patients in partnership. Each session is preceded by a feedback form and any missed out details by the patient.
Initial treatment plan gives patients the flexibility to be in touch with the psychologist or psychiatrist through DocTalk. However, to encourage self-reliance we slowly wean them off, for them to be confident enough to take their own decisions. Treatment is designed by shared decision with the help of our client.

We also review our patients after a fixed interval by standardized rating tools and lab work.

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